ContrAlto V1.1 Released

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OK, one more time with feeling, because apparently when I pasted that link it added a bunch of garbage (thanks, Outlook Web Access!).

If you want to get ContrAlto, the actual, real, working link is:

Sorry for the confusion and/or stupidity on my part...

- Josh

Thanks Josh; it's a wonderful contribution.

I remember a database being written for the Alto; it used the relational model.  I believe that it was related to INGRES, but I have only a hazy recollection and can't remember the name -- although I would likely recognize it anyone else has further information.

We used it along with a graphical post-processor to prepare office-assignment floor-plans at CMU in the early 80's.  My recollection is that the principal uses for the CMU Altos at that time were as PostScript-based printer-drivers ("Dover" and "Calais" were our name-assignments).  Our use in space-planning was a quirk, and possibly the last remaining regular use of the few remaining machines.  I definitely don't remember any machine-time contention; I believe that there were two available for general-use.  I just brought along my disk-pack and would boot and have-at-it.

Never thought about it all becoming (near) ancient history ...


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