Sage II

tony duell ard at
Sat Oct 29 14:09:02 CDT 2016

>To know for sure, unless my disks are labeled I will have to set the system
> up and test each disk, to do it right.  My Sage II is here:

Oh, you're looking for a CP/M-68K kermit. CP/M on its own normally
refers to the 8080/Z80 OS. I wondered if you were looking for kermit 
for some other CP/M machine to use a device to transfer Sage files

I believe the Sage was intitially intended to run the UCSD P-system. There
is at least one Kermit written in Pascal that could probable be got to run
under that.


As you have the machine, and it boots, check the DIP switch settings. One
of the switches is used to indicate if the boot drive is 40 or 80 cylinder. 


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