Imaging Old Disks Advice Needed

Peter Cetinski pete at
Sat Oct 29 21:05:37 CDT 2016

I’ve recently acquired a rare complete set of 10 TRS-XENIX 1.0 Development System floppy disks.  I’ve done quite a bit of 8” disk imaging so I'm fairly comfortable using ImageDisk, cleaning disk heads, etc.  I’ve run into a scenario with these disks that I have not had to deal with before.  Since this is the only complete set of this software I’ve ever seen, I need to be really careful with how I proceed.  The media itself looks pretty good.  No scratches, no blotches.  However, on a number of disks the sleeves have warped.  I am afraid that this will damage the media when I spin them up.  I’m thinking of cutting open the sleeves and placing the media in new 8” floppy sleeves.  I’ve also heard about baking the media, although I’ve never tried this and not sure of its value.  

What are your thoughts on how to proceed?

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