Compupro Disk Images Uploaded

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sun Oct 30 02:03:22 CDT 2016

On 10/29/2016 09:06 PM, Fred Cisin wrote:

> Starting with 2.00? there was a version number buried in the code,
> and the VER command would print some text, and then calculate what
> to display for the numbers (major version, period, minor version as a
> 2 digit decimal number.0 (19h gave .25) But, if 1.25 didn't have
> that, then somewhere in COMMAND.COM, there might be text saying
> "MS-DOS 1.25", instead of the later ""MS-DOS ", to be followed by
> calculated values. Did 1.25 have ANSI.SYS and CONFIG.SYS?
> For somebody who remembers the detaails of the transition, many of
> the text messages in COMMAND.COM might be recognizable.

My recollection of 1.25 was that it had foreign language (at lead
code-page type support) where 1.1 did not.  It lasted longer than it
should have.


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