Sage II

emanuel stiebler emu at
Sun Oct 30 08:44:07 CDT 2016

On 2016-10-30 06:56, william degnan wrote:

> I have a disk labeled Sage II Cp/m 68 (000) Kermit.  That is what the OP
> was looking for, for his newly acquired Sage II.

> We were discussing how to
> image theae disks, I don't have a 96tpi - capable drive set up on my
> current disk imaging station otherwise I'd have simply uploaded an .IMD
> file.  Short term he needs cp/m 68 from somewhere else.

If possible, just send me the .IMD file

> I assume OP'er has checked jim battle ' sage II website.

I didn't see it there.

I also got last week a IBM PC 5170, if I could get it working,
it should be able to write the SAGE II floppies, right?

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