Sage II

Fred Cisin cisin at
Sun Oct 30 17:48:47 CDT 2016

>> I have a disk labeled Sage II Cp/m 68 (000) Kermit.  That is what the OP
>>> was looking for, for his newly acquired Sage II.
On Sun, 30 Oct 2016, william degnan wrote:
> I don't have a HD drive attached to my imaging computer, which is the
> original point I made when I first replied to your post, asking about the
> format.  I was afraid I could not read the disk.
>> I also got last week a IBM PC 5170, if I could get it working,
>> it should be able to write the SAGE II floppies, right?
> if it's a 96 tpi drive and you have a newer OS like DOS 6.2 running on it.

6.2x is my favorite version of DOS, "the first one where improving 
reliability was a fundamental intent", and 3.20 was the first one that 
consistently had 720K DOS format, however, 
since imaging software would most often be using INT13h, or even direct 
acccess of the FDC, ANY version of DOS should be OK.

Life is sometimes a little easier using a 720K 5.25" drive (such as 
Mitsubishi 4853, Shugart 465, Tandon TM100-4) instead of a 
1.2M 5.25" drive.
If the drive is running 300RPM, then the data transfer rate should be 
If the drive is running 360RPM (some 1.2M drives), then the data transfer 
rate should be 300K.
But correcting the data transfer rate is all the extra that is needed for 
using a 1.2M for "720K"/"quad density" formats

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