For sale 128K Core RAM Industrial PDP 11/40 Massbus System

Christian Corti cc at
Mon Oct 31 03:26:02 CDT 2016

On Sun, 30 Oct 2016, allison wrote:
> Later versions like 2.9 and V7 do want I&D.

That's wrong. We run 2.9BSD on our 11/34, initially on two RL01 disks, 
now on one RL01 (as boot and swap device) and one RA80 (there is a 
third-party MSCP driver for 2.9BSD). I need to upgrade the machine with a 
cache and FPP board as time permits (I have the boards lying around 
somewhere). I could add a DEUNA, too, but it wouldn't work with 2.9BSD on 
this machine (I think the IP stack needs separate I/D and more memory).


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