For sale 128K Core RAM Industrial PDP 11/40 Massbus System

Mike Ross tmfdmike at
Mon Oct 31 04:14:46 CDT 2016

On Mon, Oct 31, 2016 at 11:47 AM, Christian Gauger-Cosgrove
<captainkirk359 at> wrote:
> On 30 October 2016 at 18:09, Mike Ross <tmfdmike at> wrote:
>> Unix? Probably a complete brain fart by me - but I thought Unix
>> required a machine with separate I/D spaces and the 11/40 wasn't one
>> of them?
> V5 and V6 will run on an 11/40. I *think* but I might be wrong, that
> V5 doesn't support split I/D.
>> If I'm wrong that will be of some assistance to me actually :-)
> Why, plannign to run an old UNIX on a blinkenlights '11? :P

Yes.  I want a blinkenlights web server :-)

Of course these days RSX is also a possibility... it has an HTTPD in
addition to the basic TCP/IP stack I believe?

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