For sale 128K Core RAM Industrial PDP 11/40 Massbus System

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>  ...
> I  wonder  if the  pdp-11 was  just   called   pdp-11 at t that point or
> was   a   pdp-11/20  like we  have..
> I know they are essentially  the  same   at this  time  point they  got
>  their  PDP 11  what  did it say on the front  panel  I  wonder?
> (figuring all this stuff out  for titling up   the  cards in the 11/20
> display we are   planning.)

I think we had this discussion a while back, but I  know that my 11/20 just
says 'PDP-11' on the front panel.  I've also  seen them with '11/20', which
is almost certainly a later naming as the -11  line grew.

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There is an  old Vulcan saying: "Only Nixon could go to China."
ok just  re-clarifing.... so then w would be safe in reading the  unix 
history -   the 11 they had   since when they got it a  disk was not avail. (??? 
REALLY!!?? Hard to believe DEC  would  ship a  processor  without  disc  
i/o???  COMMENTS?  )   would   have  just  probably said  PDP-11
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