For sale 128K Core RAM Industrial PDP 11/40 Massbus System

Mon Oct 31 16:04:10 CDT 2016

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>  ...
> I  wonder  if the  pdp-11 was  just   called   pdp-11 at t that point or
> was   a   pdp-11/20  like we  have..
At that time PDP-11 was a general  architecture name and 11/mumble was a 
specific system.
Keep in mind  that new versions of the -11 would evolve soon after 
introduction  and
continue over time for decades.

Add to that there were both  processor naming and system configuration 
> I  know they are essentially the  same   at this  time   point they  got
> their  PDP 11  what  did it say on  the front  panel  I wonder?
> (figuring all this stuff  out  for titling up  the  cards in the 11/20
> display we  are  planning.)

Find a copy of the PDP-11 systems handbook!   Say 1978, 80 and 82 
versions and
see the difference.  Never mind  the Unibus, Qbus, PRO, and PDT flavors.


OK I  have  seen  both on Panels  pdp-11   and  pdp 11/20
figured the  first  issuance  would  say pdp-11 only  on  panel

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