For sale 128K Core RAM Industrial PDP 11/40 Massbus System

Mon Oct 31 16:12:16 CDT 2016

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> From: Ed Sharpe

> I wonder if the pdp-11  was just called pdp-11 at t that point or was a
>  pdp-11/20 like we have

Others have better info on this than  me...

> at this time point they got their PDP 11 what  did it say on the front
> panel I wonder?

I'm going  to _guess_ that it was the earlier caption; I definitely recall
reading  somewhere (maybe that history thing I already provided a link to)
that when  the PDP-11/20 first arrived, DEC didn't have a disk drive for it,
and so it  sat in a corner for some months (running some chess problem) 
the disk  arrived. So that argues that it was a very early production  

Noel -  OK that  is  what  I also  read....  so probably would have  said  
PDP-11  on the  front  panel  not  11/20 if it was that  early if  we   
subscribe to the theory that  the ones labeled 11 only  were before  the 11/20
I  do  wonder if there are  any  photograph  of  the  system  they  used at 
the  get  go of the PDP-11  use?  Need  a photo that  has  definite  date  
yes, the  systems are the  same  but    some  of this  is important as  I 
do the display  cards  for  the  11/20 we have here at SMECC
Thx  Ed#  _www.smecc.org_ ( 

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