Wanted PATA HBA and IDE/UDMA Drive

Tom Gardner t.gardner at computer.org
Thu Sep 1 12:16:46 CDT 2016


Looking for a PATA HBA (PCI, EISA or ISA) and if available an associated
ATA/IDE drive preferably UDMA/33 but no faster than UDMA/100

This would likely be found in a PIII Pro or earlier system built prior to
1997 (I think the Natoma 440FX PII was the first to integrate IDE into the
Southbridge)   It might be from a later system as an expansion add in.

This maybe a repeat request but I don't recall seeing my first request
posted to the list - sorry if I'm wasting time.

Any reasonable offer will be considered.


t.gardner at computer.org
650 941-5324

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