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Fri Sep 2 11:36:04 CDT 2016

I'm trying to clear some space so I can actually get to classic things I 
want to play with, so I have the following to give away if anyone is 

* Cromemco 16FDC Floppy Disk Controller Instruction Manual (2 copies)

* Cromemco D+7A Input/Output Module Instruction Manual

* Digital (DEC) BC19V-02 cable (DB25 to DD50)

* HP JetDirect card (10base2, 10baseT, Localalk)

* 5 x Iomega/Fuji ZIP (PC100) disks, mostly new unused

* Box of 3.5" DSDD and HD floppies with assorted software, including
       Borland Turbo Assembler
       Borland Turbo Debugger
       Borland Turbo Profiler
       3 sets of 4 disks : Borland Turbo Pascal for Windows
       set of 3 Borland Turbo Pascal Professional disk:
         Install/Turbo Vision/Compiler
      Computer Associates SuperProject 3-user Lanpak
      Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade
      about 28 R:BASE disks, mostly V.4.0
      about 25 CD-ROM driver disks (HD not DD)
      a couple of 3Com Etherdisks 5.01  (HD not DD)
      about 20 Logitech Mouseware 8.2 Multilingual disks:
        2 x Disk 1 of 2
        18 x Disk 2 of 2

* The Penguin Computing Book, Susan Curran and Ray Curnow,
     Penguin Books 1983, ISBN 0140465995

* Mathematical Logic for Computer Science, M. Ben-Ari,
     Prentice Hall 1993, ISBN 013564139X

* 8086/8088 16-Bit Microprocessor Primer, Christopher L Morgan and
     Mitchell Waite, Byte Books 1982, ISBN 0070431094

* Fundamentals of Operating Systems, 4th Edition 1990, A.M.Lister
     and R.D.Eager, Macmillan 1979-1988, ISBN 0333469879

* Structured Computer Organisation, 3rd Edition 1990, Andrew
     Tanenbaum, Prentice-Hall 1990, ISBN 0138528721

* Acorn Archimedes 400 Series User Manual, and Welcome Guide

* Assembly Language Programming for the Electron (Addison Wesley,
     John Ferguson and Tony Shaw) ISBN 0201145278

* a collection of Archive (Acorn Archimedes users' magazine)
     from Vol.1 No.1 (Oct.1987) to Vol.5 No.1 (Oct.1991)
     plus half a dozen extras.

* 10 Electron User cassettes, Oct.1989 - July 1990.

* manuals and stuff for BBC Micro:
       Wordwise Plus manual, 2nd Addition (sic), 1985 (Computer Concepts)
       ViewStore User Guide, 1st Edition, 1985 (Acorn, Acornsoft)
         ISBN 0907876455
       View User Guide, 2nd Edition, 1986 (Acorn, Acornsoft)
         ISBN 1852500212
       View User Guide, 1st Edition, 1985 (Acorn, Acornsoft)
         ISBN 0907876277
       Into View, 2nd Edition, 1984 (Acorn, Acornsoft)
         ISBN 0907876811
       View Guide, 2nd Edition, 1983 (Acorn, Acornsoft)
         ISBN 0907876803
       View Reference Card (SBB31/R), 1985 (Acorn, Acornsoft)
       ViewSheet Reference Card (SBB07/R), 1984 (Acorn, Acornsoft)
       Electron Plus 1 User Guide, 1984 (Acorn Computers)
       Graphs and Charts, 1st Edition, 1982  (Acorn, Acornsoft)
         ISBN 0907876048
       Graphics Extension ROM User Manual  (Acorn, Acornsoft)
         (copy; not original, but comb-bound)

A few of the above are also going on a well-known auction site, but 
naturally ClassicCmp subscribers have priority :-)

I need to move these before Saturday 17th September (2 weeks from now). 
If they're not moved by then, I'll donate them to The Computer Sheds 

Because of the weight, it would be expensive to ship many of these 
things, though if anyone is really keen I'll consider it.  Collection 
from York would be greatly preferred (tea and biscuits supplied) - or I 
can probably take them to the DEC Legacy Event in Windermere for 
collection on the weekend of 15/16th October (pay for your own tea and 

Pete Turnbull

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