Atari / GEM docs Free to good home (York, UK)

Pete Turnbull pete at
Fri Sep 2 11:36:17 CDT 2016

These are primarily for Atari ST, mostly photocopies in A4 ring binders, 
to go as one lot:

* ISV Development System documentation for Atari 520ST

     includes BIOS listing and more.


     The following items are probably provided as part of this...

* Listing of GEM "hello" program (GEM sample desktop accessory)
     Module: HELLO, by Tom Holander, Digital Research Feb 1986
     ring-bound photocopy

* Atari ST BASIC Source Book, 1985
     ring-bound, printed original

* Atari Logo Source Book
     1985, small spiral-wire-bound published copy

* GEM PRogrammer's Guide - Volume 1: VDI
     GEM PRogrammer's Guide - Volume 2: AES
     1985, Digital Research, ring-bound photocopy

* GEM DOS 1.0  Spec Version 13
     May 16 1985 Digital Research
     "DR Confidential: Internal Use Only.
      Not to be copied or given to customers."
     ring-bound photocopy

* "The Long-Awaited 'Line-A' Document"
     describes "quick-and-dirty" graphics access using 68000 Line A
     Ring-bound with GEM DOS 1.0 Spec

* ST Series BIOS Rev.A  2/13/85 (Atari 130 ST and 520 ST)
     "Atari Corporation Confidential"
     Ring-bound with GEM DOS 1.0 Spec

I need to move these before Saturday 17th September (2 weeks from now). 
If they're not claimed by then, I'll donate them to The Computer Sheds 

Because of the weight, it would be expensive to ship these things, 
though if anyone is really keen I'll consider it.  Collection from York 
would be greatly preferred (tea and biscuits supplied) - or I can 
probably take them to the DEC Legacy Event in Windermere for collection 
on the weekend of 15/16th October (pay for your own tea and biscuits).

Pete Turnbull

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