More mystery recycler boards - DEC, Fujitsu(??), Cipher, Emulex

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Fri Sep 2 13:52:53 CDT 2016

Hi All,

My local recycler contacted me to say he'd had some more old boards come 
in. They're scheduled to be sent for processing next Wednesday, but in a 
couple of hours I'm heading out of town for a few days - it's possible I 
can rescue some of it next Tuesday when I'm back, so in the meantime 
comments as to whether anything is useful/important/etc. would be appreciated!

Apologies for photo quality, in a hurry and the only vacant spot was the 
floor of the employee bathroom :-(

__Digital boards:__

   M8061 (x2)
   - I think the 8012 is a boot/terminator board, so that sounds handy. The 
8061's and M8013 are disk, I think - do modern emulators of the drives 
exist? If they do, maybe I should snag the controllers? Not sure about M8014. - terminal board? DB25F and 
BNC on one edge. There was another similar board with two BNCs and a DB25F 
which was marked "VT100 basic video" on the underside, so I'm assuming this 
is related. - 8085 CPU, ROM, RAM etc. 
Rows of transistors which perhaps suggests motor control, i.e. printer? - related to d2.jpg??

__Fujitsu boards:__

   At least, the main ICs are Fujitsu; there's no indication who the boards 
belong to. These are standalone boards, not ones that plug into a 
backplane. My hunch is that they're logic board pulls from old hard disks 
or tape drives - i.e. they're just garbage now. - 2x 50-way connectors, 
switch in corner. PCB marked "KGKM B16B-934C-003" - 2x 50-way connectors. PCB 
marked "CZGM B16B-9240-001" - 2 x 50-way connectors, 1x 
60W, 1x 26W. PCB marked "CZFM B16B-9230-0010A" - 2 x 50-way connectors, 1x 
60W, 1x 26W. PCB marked "KGFMU B16B-9830-0010A"

__Cipher boards:__

   There are two of these:

I suspect they're from some form of terminal (or maybe printer?), and now 
that they're separated from the rest of the system they're just junk. Note 
that someone seems to have scavenged a bunch of power transistors (or 
something) from them.

__Emulex boards:__

I don't think any of these are the exact same models as the ones I rescued 
a little while ago, so I've included them here - but gut feeling is that 
they're still just tape (i.e. not SCSI) and so they're not worth the trouble. - 2x50W, 1x?? (I forgot to 
make a note). CU0210402 on the PCB, CS0110202 on the "main" IC. - 2x50W. TC0210201 on the 
"main" IC.

   There were a couple of others too each with a 60-way and pair of 26-way 
  connectors; I suspect those are SMD.

Chances are good I'll end up rescuing the DEC Mxxxx boards on Tuesday "just 
in case", but if anything else stands out then please shout; gut feeling is 
that they're PCBs from things that would have been quite wonderful once 
when complete but are now completely useless to anyone.



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