More mystery recycler boards - DEC, Fujitsu(??), Cipher, Emulex

jim stephens jwsmail at
Fri Sep 2 15:54:11 CDT 2016

On 9/2/2016 11:52 AM, Jules Richardson wrote:
> __Cipher boards:__
>   There are two of these:
> I suspect they're from some form of terminal (or maybe printer?), and 
> now that they're separated from the rest of the system they're just 
> junk. Note that someone seems to have scavenged a bunch of power 
> transistors (or something) from them. 
This is the main logic board of an F890 streamer drive.  It has been 
stripped of the TO5 and heatsink down the top, and I'm amazed none of 
the connectors were clipped.

pretty much scrap unless you want to scavenge the remaining proms and 
label their locations for possible bit rot on another unit.

The auction below is for a ridiculously priced unit from some Microdata 
system.  It should only be listed for about 50 to 100 bucks as it almost 
certainly will need to be repaired.



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