More mystery recycler boards - DEC, Fujitsu(??), Cipher, Emulex

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 Where in the world are these...

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> Subject: More mystery recycler boards - DEC, Fujitsu(??), Cipher, Emulex
> Hi All,
> My local recycler contacted me to say he'd had some more old boards come
> in. They're scheduled to be sent for processing next Wednesday, but in a
> couple of hours I'm heading out of town for a few days - it's possible I
> rescue some of it next Tuesday when I'm back, so in the meantime
> comments as to whether anything is useful/important/etc. would be
> appreciated!
> Apologies for photo quality, in a hurry and the only vacant spot was the
> of the employee bathroom :-(
> __Digital boards:__
>    M8014
>    M8012
>    M8061 (x2)
>    M8013
>    - I think the 8012 is a boot/terminator board, so that sounds handy.
> 8061's and M8013 are disk, I think - do modern emulators of the drives
> If they do, maybe I should snag the controllers? Not sure about M8014.
> - terminal board? DB25F and
> BNC on one edge. There was another similar board with two BNCs and a
> DB25F which was marked "VT100 basic video" on the underside, so I'm
> assuming this is related.
> - 8085 CPU, ROM, RAM etc.
> Rows of transistors which perhaps suggests motor control, i.e. printer?
> - related to d2.jpg??
> __Fujitsu boards:__
>    At least, the main ICs are Fujitsu; there's no indication who the
> belong to. These are standalone boards, not ones that plug into a
> My hunch is that they're logic board pulls from old hard disks or tape
drives -
> i.e. they're just garbage now.
> - 2x 50-way connectors,
> switch in corner. PCB marked "KGKM B16B-934C-003"
> - 2x 50-way connectors. PCB
> marked "CZGM B16B-9240-001"
> - 2 x 50-way connectors, 1x
> 60W, 1x 26W. PCB marked "CZFM B16B-9230-0010A"
> - 2 x 50-way connectors, 1x
> 60W, 1x 26W. PCB marked "KGFMU B16B-9830-0010A"
> __Cipher boards:__
>    There are two of these:
> I suspect they're from some form of terminal (or maybe printer?), and now
> that they're separated from the rest of the system they're just junk. Note
> that someone seems to have scavenged a bunch of power transistors (or
> something) from them.
> __Emulex boards:__
> I don't think any of these are the exact same models as the ones I rescued
> a little while ago, so I've included them here - but gut feeling is that
> they're still just tape (i.e. not SCSI) and so they're not worth the
> - 2x50W, 1x?? (I forgot to
> make a note). CU0210402 on the PCB, CS0110202 on the "main" IC.
> - 2x50W. TC0210201 on the
> "main" IC.
>    There were a couple of others too each with a 60-way and pair of 26-way
>   connectors; I suspect those are SMD.
> Chances are good I'll end up rescuing the DEC Mxxxx boards on Tuesday
> in case", but if anything else stands out then please shout; gut feeling
> that they're PCBs from things that would have been quite wonderful once
> when complete but are now completely useless to anyone.
> cheers
> Jules

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