Big Apple/Atari/Commodore/TRS-80 sale today in Orange, CA

Brendan Shanks brendan at
Sat Sep 3 10:04:33 CDT 2016

I went to this sale last week and picked up a DECmate and some Mac stuff, the amount of stuff he had was remarkable. Sale is today only.

Some of the cool stuff I saw last week:
- 2 x ADM-3 terminals
- Quadra 950, WGS 95, WGS 9150
- 2 x Macintosh Portrait Display
- lots of classic Macs, some PPC AIOs (52xx), G3/G4 iMacs
- Apple Studio Display (the original blue-colored LCD)
- Centris 650, beige G3s
- so much other Atari/Commodore/TRS-80 stuff


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