vt100 terminfo with padding for an actual vt100?

Peter Coghlan cctalk at beyondthepale.ie
Mon Sep 5 10:52:15 CDT 2016

Fritz Mueller wrote:
> > On Sep 4, 2016, at 6:08 PM, william degnan <billdegnan at gmail.com> wrote:
> > 
> > Even better, I found this post, this is my how to attach a vt100 to a VAX
> > 4000, you can apply to most any case
> Hi Bill,
> Thanks for you help!
> I will say that I have the getty running fine, baud rate, serial format, etc.
> all okay.  Works just fine at 1200 baud and below.  At higher baud rates, it
> seems like the vt100 is dropping some characters or bits after certain
> escape sequences, even with xon/xoff flow control enabled, so I’m *pretty*
> sure the issue is just with the padding values in the vt100 terminfo spec?

I've got a VT102 Video Terminal User Guide (EK-VT102-UG-003) which contains
a table of fill characters required for different control codes / escape
sequences / display characters at each possible baud rate.  Here's what it
lists for 19200 baud:

 324 IND, LF, NEL, RI (Smooth Scroll)
 144 ED (132 Col)
 104 ED (80 Col)
  32 IND, LF, NEL, RI (Jump Scroll)
   6 EL (132 Col)
   4 EL (80 Col)
   2 All others except RIS and DECTST

The appendix also seems to hint that the VT100 has different requirements so
this may not be very useful to you but it might give you a rough idea.

Peter Coghlan.

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