PDP-8 core memory problems.

Mattis Lind mattislind at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 17:46:52 CDT 2016

måndag 5 september 2016 skrev Jon Elson <elson at pico-systems.com>:

> On 09/05/2016 01:59 PM, Mattis Lind wrote:
>> I have now concluded that the fault is in the core memory module itself.
>> The sense winding is broken on bit plane 7.
>> Have you actually ohmed out the sense/inhibit wire?

This is by the way a four wire stack. Separate sense and inhibit wire.

Come to think of it, since the inhibit wire is OK, would it be possible to
arrange it as a three wire stack somehow. Change the sense amp and inhibit
drivers so that they use the same wire?

Maybe Brent can come in with some advice if this is possible or just
stupid. I promise to read his excellent article on core memories once again
tomorrow when I am less tired to see If I can figure something out...

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