Raised floor to be available for pickup in Sewell, NJ

Connor Krukosky connork at connorsdomain.com
Mon Sep 5 23:40:44 CDT 2016

Hi all, as per the subject some raised floor is about to become available.
As much as I wanted and was going to grab this flooring myself, I can't.

So this is the time for someone else who needs around 500-600 Sq.Ft. of 
raised flooring to go get it!
This flooring is about 8in tall, so its not anything crazy like some of 
the newer taller stuff.

The floor MAY be available, he is not 100% sure yet.
The deal is they are selling the building and if the new owners do not 
want it, it is for grabs but must be picked up in the next 2-3 weeks.
I am not sure, but you probably have to grab it all.

The floor is located in Sewell, NJ as per the subject.
It will be available for low or no cost depending on the interest level...

Please contact Mike at:
mbrotzman.jhu at gmail.com

-Connor Krukosky

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