vt100 terminfo with padding for an actual vt100?

Pete Turnbull pete at dunnington.plus.com
Tue Sep 6 04:36:38 CDT 2016

On 06/09/2016 09:43, Fritz Mueller wrote:
> But thinking on it, I bet USB has something to do
> with it here — perhaps buffer latency through the USB drivers is
> keeping software flow-control (xon/xoff) from functioning effectively
> at higher baud rates

I've had that problem with a printer and a double-buffered UART.  As 
near as I could determine, the printer waited to send XOFF until there 
was only one or maybe two characters free in its software buffer, but by 
that time there was one char in transit, one more in the printer's 
receiver buffer register and another in the computer's UART's 
transmitter buffer register.  That's at least one too many :-)

Pete Turnbull

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