Jay West jwest at
Tue Sep 6 08:32:05 CDT 2016

Rob wrote...
Can we have the backup of the contents somewhere downloadable? If not the
code, which may belong to the owner, then at least the actual manuals? What
other options might there be to ensure that the content is not lost?

No, I can't make the contents downloadable. They belong to the site owner
not me.

But do not fear that it might go away forever. The site owner plans to get
the sites back up (hosted elsewhere) and that will be the end of it.

In general terms, as it relates to other classiccmp-hosted websites - If a
site owner deceases or similar, then I'd have to get permission from heirs
or determine if the content was truly abandoned and if so - then I could
keep the site running and available in perpetuity. But the three sites
mentioned clearly have an active owner - and that's not me.

My intent by posting that was not to create/expose drama. My intent was to
let folks know that I went to fairly extreme and generous levels to make
sure the site stayed up; it's not in my nature to turn off a
classiccmp-related website. This was a unique situation.


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