The huge lot that had the NIB 8" floppies is now on ebay

Jason Howe jason at
Tue Sep 6 09:51:47 CDT 2016

On 09/06/2016 04:31 AM, Rob Jarratt wrote:
>> Some of us find them useful or interesting.
> I agree. The volume of these eBay emails is not high. It would be another matter if there were really a lot of these emails, but as it is I find them useful/interesting.
> Regards
> Rob
Same here.  I don't troll ebay regularly and only have a couple very 
specific saved searches.  Some pretty interested stuff comes up on ebay 
occasionally which I might not have seen otherswise.

That said, when folks just dump an ebay item number rather than a full 
link, those posts should die in a fire ;)


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