RK05 packs

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Tue Sep 6 10:48:12 CDT 2016

So I have a fairly large group of 16-sector RK05 packs (i.e. PDP-8, -12) which
I have no use for, which I would like to trade for 12-sector RK05 packs (i.e.
PDP-11). Anyone have any of the latter, and need the former?

Alternatively, if anyone has any head-crashed 12-sector RK05 packs, I would be
interested in buying them (or trading something else) for them. (I am reliably
informed that one can replace the platter on an RK05 pack without too much
work, so I'd transplant the 12-sector hubs into the packs I already have).

(Replies to me, please, not the whole list - unless there's some point you
wish to make which would be of general interest.)


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