Tue Sep 6 11:07:15 CDT 2016

the terminals  site is  still on
ta da......
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jwest at writes:

It was  written....
> but Manx seems to be in  the process of being relocated

Hasn't Manx been in that state  for  ages?


The  owner of those three sites has the unfortunate honor of being the  only
person ever asked to leave the free hosting at
I  gave him 30 days to get his stuff hosted elsewhere.
I even backed up all  his content and databases and put them on a 1.5TB
external hard drive and  shipped it to him (while keeping the sites running
on the classiccmp  server). 
Even though I told him 30 days, I gave him about 180 days before  I said 
have to get these moved or I'll have to turn them  off".
After about another 90 days or more, I did redirects back to his home  site
so they at least weren't dead. 

The content and databases are  still on the classiccmp server, although
publicly inaccessible, just to  make sure the new locations are up and
running before I delete the content  locally. 

I did my  best.....


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