The huge lot that had the NIB 8" floppies is now on ebay

Fred Cisin cisin at
Tue Sep 6 12:16:42 CDT 2016

On Tue, 6 Sep 2016, js at wrote:
> Just curious -- this stuff that's come up, that you might not have seen 
> otherwise, how often was it anything really needed?
> How often have you bought any of it?

Interesting, and worth looking at?

> I suppose I'm making a larger point, that if you didn't try to find it 
> yourself, maybe you didn't really need it to begin with.  Maybe it's 
> better for your wallet that you never saw it to begin with.

Maybe better for wallet to not be HERE at all!

> Over-distraction and over-consumption is definitely a growing bane of 
> the current world.

and yet, we are here discussing stuff that we do NOT need.

> On the other hand, if someone had some magical powers of discovery on 
> ebay, and posted things that nobody else could possibly find, that'd be 
> cool.
Often there are mentions of interesting stuff that I would not have 
thought to seek out, otherwise.

A tag for ease of filtering might help.

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