More mystery recycler boards - DEC, Fujitsu(??), Cipher, Emulex

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Tue Sep 6 19:59:54 CDT 2016

On 09/06/2016 01:46 AM, Pontus Pihlgren wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 05, 2016 at 04:48:43PM -0500, Jules Richardson wrote:
>> I think I'll see about getting the M8014, M8012, M8013 and M8061 boards
>> tomorrow.
> How much do you pay for these? Do you intend to pass them on?

At the moment my plan is to try and digest exactly what I have, and what I 
might need in order to make something functional (certainly not a 
bells-and-whistles -11, but something that'll just run some code). A 
rack/case is low priority, but obviously there's the small matter of 
currently having no backplane or PSUs :-)  (although the PSU side of things 
could doubtless be rigged, at least for a small-scale setup)

Longer term I might be looking at trades or selling some stuff to go 
towards restoration of some of the other items in my collection, but I 
really dislike the idea of passing untested things on, so that still hinges 
on acquiring a backplane/PSUs/other ephemera so that I can at least assess 
operational status first.

Current board list in my possession is as follows:

__Digital boards__

M7856        ; DL11-W RS-232 SLU & RTC
M7951 (x2)   ; DUV11 sync-serial interface
M7957        ; DZV11, 4 LINE ASYNC MUX
M8012        ; bootstrap/terminator
M8013        ; RLV11 RL01/02
M8014        ; RLV11 RL01/02
M8043 (x3)   ; DLV11-J quad-port serial
M8044-DB     ; 32kw memory
M8044-DF     ; 32Kw memory
M8059-KF     ; 128Kw memory
M8061 (x4)   ; RLV12 RL02 interface
M8067-KF     ; 128Kw memory
M8067-LP     ; 256Kw memory
M8186 (x2)   ; 11/23 CPU
M8189        ; 11/23+ CPU (and has the CIS option fitted, I think)
M8190-AE     ; 11/83 CPU
M8190-AB     ; 11/83 CPU (or /73??)  w/FPU
M8192        ; 11/73 CPU

__Emulex boards__

TU03         ; Pertec-compatible tape controller
SU02 (x2)    ; SMD (??) controller
CU02         ; serial mux
QD32         ; SMD (??) controller
QD33         ; SMD controller
QD21         ; ESDI controller

__Misc boards__
Dilog CQ1610 ; 16-port serial
NS980110014  ; Natsemi 1MB (I think) DRAM board
Clearpoint   ; 4MB DRAM board



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