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Tue Sep 6 22:24:02 CDT 2016

Yes it needs to be  saved... and yet  with all the extra   and duplicate  
stuff  CHM has  I bet  they do not have  one of these yet shun it...   
curious. kick their shins  for me  Al ok?
Unfortunately not  close  for me  to pickup.
all this stuff is  all part of the history....
In a message dated 9/6/2016 6:11:35 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time,  
aek at writes:

On 9/6/16 4:18 PM, Tom Gardner wrote:

> A friend  of mine died recently; he was amongst many things an 
electronics tinkerer and  has a closet full of small parts in bin cabinets (resistors, 
capacitors, ICs,  transistors, hardware, etc.).

There is also a Unicomp 18 bit  minicomputer, paper tape reader, and FFT 
processor circa 1972 in the garage  (6ft rack)
with full documentation.

I walked out of the donations  meeting with the other curators today who 
thought it was a piece of s**t and  didn't want
to take it, calling it a 'dumpster fire'

Art was a  friend of mine.

Hopefully it can go someplace where it can be  appreciated.
Talk to Tom about it, unfortunately, time is  short.

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