RK05 packs

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Wed Sep 7 12:18:34 CDT 2016

    From: Paul Koning

    > Some IBM systems ... have a "2315" drive which is an RK05. 

Yeah, I think that was the original source of these packs. The Diablo 30/31
drives (used on the RK11-C controller before the RK05 was created) were
designed to use 2315 packs.

    > From: Tony Duell

    > My intention was to put the hub on a spare spindle .. put the platter
    > on, turn it round by hand and use a lever-type dial gauge to get
    > minimum run-out. 

One of the people I buy PDP-11 parts from reports that he actually did this
(using the exact procedure you describe) BITD. Apparently there's some
multi-platter pack that has the same exact platter as the RK05 (2315) pack,
and he had some damaged RK05 packs, and moved platters from the bad
multi-platter pack to the RK05's.


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