More mystery recycler boards - DEC, Fujitsu(??), Cipher, Emulex

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Wed Sep 7 16:35:17 CDT 2016

    > From: Pete Turnbull

    >> The other thing that makes no sense is that the KDJ11-B (M8190) has
    >> all that extra circuitry on it to support PMI, etc - all of which is
    >> unused in the 11/73 application! Why not just plug in a (presumably
    >> cheaper) M8192? In the /73 application, the two are basically equivalent.

    > Don't forget the LTC :-)

?? The KDJ11-A has an on-board LTC - see EK-KDJ1A-UG-001, pg. 1-7.

    > Otherwise, you'd need an additional bootstrap card such as an MRV11-D
    > with -B2 boot ROMs, a DLVE1 (DLV11-JE) for the SLUs, something with an
    > LTC, and termination.

Err, the KDJ11-A has on-board termination: see MP-01890 pg. 1 of 9, on the LHS.

    > A BDV11 wouldn't work as it doesn't have the ROM capability 

?? The BDV11 is a ROM board?

(And it works fine in a Q22 bus; the address recognition circuitry uses BBS7,
it doesn't look at BDAL 16 and above.)


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