HP-35/45 Simulator for PDP-8

Kyle Owen kylevowen at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 19:38:16 CDT 2016

On Sep 8, 2016 8:07 PM, "Vincent Slyngstad" <v.slyngstad at frontier.com>
> Here's my slightly optimized version, for what it's worth:

Nice work. Definitely shorter than mine. I was just working on an
optimization that used ISZ, but you beat me to it!

> Some assemblers flag the "(" construct when used on page 0, BTW.  It's
more correct
> to use "[" there (or to avoid both).

Yup, I tend to use '(' when I'm writing code that could go anywhere, and
'[' for special cases, like when I'm setting up the "JMS I [BSWEMU]" or the
> I'm a "family of 8" guy, so I avoid using BSW to begin with.

I should probably get in the habit of avoiding it...but it's so darn
convenient! And faster. And I'm all about efficiency! Truth be told, if I
ever get a pre-8/E computer, I'd likely be changing my programming habits.


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