50 yrs. of Star Trek!

Stefan Skoglund (lokal användare) stefan.skoglund at agj.net
Fri Sep 9 12:45:17 CDT 2016

tor 2016-09-08 klockan 13:03 -0400 skrev Murray McCullough: 
> What role did Star Trek play in the rise of small computers that are
> so ubiquitous today? This science fiction series prognosticated many
> things but how many actually happened or am I expecting too much from
> a television show of 50 years ago?

My beginner UX book described an experiment there the theory revolved
around the value of process understanding vs manipulating by rote. To
test the theory they did a Starship Enterprise weapon console mockup
(without the core and the high power laser...)

If you need to fire the phaser , you need to redirect some of the power
which the core deliver from for example antigrav to the weapon.

The by-roote (wrong word, but i'm thinking about how a mariner would be
instructed) method is :
turn this dial from 7 to 4
that from 0 to 3
press that button

The process and system knowledge would mean that the officer would
understand why and why it must be so that the first dial was at value 6.

Including I NEED TO DO THIS 1 tenth second FASTER.

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