DEC, non DEC at VCF

Paul Anderson useddec at
Fri Sep 9 21:54:53 CDT 2016

The following is a partial list of things I plan on bringing to VCF
tomorrow. I plan on being there by noon, and will return home Saturday
night. If you have any interest, flag me down.  If I have time I’ll try to
grab some 8 boards.  Thanks, Paul

M3106  DZQ11

M3107  DHQ11


M7504  DEQNA


M7677  11/84

M7846  RX11

M7940  DLV11

M7944  MSV11-B

M7946  RXV11

M7955  MSV11CD

M7957 DZV11 4 LINE

M8012  BDV11

M8013  RLV11

M8014  RLV11

M8015  KPV11-A

M8017  DLV11-E

M8021  MRV11-BA

M8027  LPV11

M8029  RXV21

M8043  DLV11-J

M8044  MSV11-DD

M8053  DMV11

M8959F 64K


M8067F 64KW

M8067   128KW

M8186  11/23 CPU

M8189   11/23+ CPU

M8190-A  KDJ11-BF

M9047  GRANT

G7273  GRANT

PDP8-E no cards

VT52, untested

2 computer automation naked minis-never used

                 mini  4 9 full cards

                 can't see model of the other one, but i think it is a 4 or
5 card

2 motorola M-4408 NIB, bought new from Carroll Touch, a local company that
made early touch screens for plato.

Nova 3 no boards, nice  clean

Kennedy 9610, very clean

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