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> Subject: RE: Logic Analyser Advice
> I have an HP1630 of some flavour and find it very useful. AFAIK it was the
> series of logic analysers from HP to have proper service manuals...
> The difference between the various models (suffix letters) is which
> timing/state input boards are fitted.
> For the old computer people here, it's controlled by a 6809 of some
> There is a 6829 MMU chip in there as well, one of the few times you will
> one of those.
> You want to download all the manuals from Keysight. There is a lot of
> information in them

I grabbed the manuals, thanks! The power switch is a bit sticky, so I need
at least to try to fix that, so the service manual may help.

> > seem to have the actual wires/probes. Is there a separate part number
> > for these that I should look for. There seem to be quite a few items
> this:
> > http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/291753390848, are these likely to be
> > suitable alternatives?
> I assume you have the pods themselves -- the little boxes on the ends of
> input cables.

Yes I do have the actual pods. They look like the picture in this listing
(not the item I bought): http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152233591570
So, yes I have the pods, but no connectors

> The probes/wires that go into those are totally passive just bits
> of wire with grabber clips on the end. The connector that goes into the
pod is
> an HP special housing, but that was just for convenience.
> There are normal pin connectors down the holes, and I suspect the Ebay
> listing you have given would fit.

I will buy a set and see how it goes. I also believe there are some probes
that are designed to clip over a whole IC, any recommendations for those? I
did try using one once but it was designed to be used in conjunction with
grabber clips and it was so fiddly that I gave up, so I am wondering if
there is something better.



> Be very careful if you take a pod apart, there is a delicate ceramic
> circuit inside.
> -tony=

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