SWTPC 6800 Weirdness

Brad H vintagecomputer at bettercomputing.net
Sat Sep 10 12:19:58 CDT 2016

Okay, I have it all dialed in now!


With that iffy memory board swapped out, the system works beautifully.   I
did have some trouble loading Altair BASIC but after looking at a video of
someone running it I discovered an extra line that appeared to be in the
Altair patch file and also a couple of memory addresses that were altered.
Once I did that, the prompts came up and it let me enter a program!  The
only problem was for some reason Hyperterminal was cutting off a column or
two - so instead of the OK prompt I had O.  I figured that was probably just
Hyperterminal, so I switched the system back to 110 baud, loaded Altair
BASIC, and then switched to the CT-1024.  It worked perfectly!


Pretty magical being able to use this software I've only seen demonstrated
in videos on vintage hardware!  Can't wait for the day I have a real Altair
and teletype.


I'm going to hunt around for more S19 files.  I'd also like to learn more
about how to program this thing (I assume in assembly).  And then another
thing on my wish list would be to have both the MP-S and MP-C cards working
together in a way that I could use one to load and save stuff off to my PC
terminal and the other for actual terminal interface.


Thanks again for the help and suggestions!!



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