Finding developer docs for VME hardware?

Chris Hanson cmhanson at
Sat Sep 10 14:24:54 CDT 2016

Anyone have any suggestions for how to go about finding developer documentation for VME hardware? I haven’t been having much luck with Google searches.

Given that (aside from its use by workstation manufacturers) most VME hardware was intended for composing systems from disparate parts, I assume that most of it at one time had programming documentation available. After all, you can’t just provide binary drivers when you know neither what CPU nor what OS your customers will be running—or even if they’ll be running an OS, versus some tightly-coded assembly.

My current interest is in using something like a D/A board or a specific audio interface[1] to provide audio for a VME-based workstation that lacks it, but I figure being able to find information like this will be generally useful to those of us with VME hardware.

  -- Chris

[1] Something like a Vigra MMI-210: < <>>, about $125 on eBay.

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