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SMECC is looking for any Philips Broadcast year new or old
sorta   like 
which is  one of our ldk-20 cameras... they can 

say  on the side  Philips,  or later Thomson or  BTS
Philips was a great   developer  and implementer of CCD  Technology in  
video cameras.
this studio camera   has   computers in it    for the control unit and  you 
can store setups etc on Flash memory  cards
I keep one at the house to learn to program up the  MCU   controller  etc  
for the  one at the museum. 
So anything Philips,  or later Thomson or BTS  hardware,  software, cables, 
adv. materials, training books is indeed welcome here and if  you have a 
lighted script holder we  need one  for the  unit at  the museum.... it looks  
like this... http://www.smecc.org/ldk20/philli57.jpg
People  ask on our  duplicate  stuff what would we  trade   for?     here 
is a non computer   area  that  works  well  to get some of our   extras.
Have a great weekend
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On  09/11/2016 08:23 AM, Paul Koning wrote:

> Philips was founded around  the end of the 19th century as a maker of 
> light bulbs, got into  vacuum tubes in the 1920s or so.

Philips was into everything.   For simple appliances, most in North
America were completely unaware of the  parent company, because personal
care products are marketed under the  "Norelco" brand.  I believe that
Philips acquired Sylvania, then sold  it to Funai.

In 2000, Philips was the largest manufacturer of  semiconductors, having
acquired both Signetics and VLSI Technology. later  spun off as NXP to a
private investment consortium.

If you own a  Sonicare electric toothbrush, that's Philips too.

It's pretty safe to  say that almost everyone has a Philips product
somewhere in their life--it  may not be branded with the Philips  name


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