Classic computer get together in Lower Mainland, BC, Canada

alex d azd30 at
Mon Sep 12 12:41:29 CDT 2016


This might only be of interest to people in the Pacific North West. 

We are starting a new retro-computer club in Chilliwack, BC. Both Rob C, and myself have a pretty good collection
of 'classic' computers and rather than having them sit in a basement collecting dust, we thought we'd bring them
out on a monthly basis for show and tells and demos...

We are planning on making this a monthly meeting.

I plan on bringing an ATARI 130XE w/1050 and an SD2SIO card, and the ATARI Assembler to 
demonstrate some 6502 ML programming,  a minimal PDP11/23 in a H9281-BA enclosure 
(CPU, memory and DLV11 to power up to ODT)  and a GrID tablet computer

Rob C (who set this whole thing up) will be bringing:

>I was thinking I would bring out some of the micro-controllers I have been using, together with my 
>ATMega based home brew computer that I have been building. I was also thinking of bringing 
>out my retro-chip tune tracker PC that I built and do a music demo.

Meeting details:


7:00PM September 22, 2016 Sardis (FVRL) Library
5819 Tyson Road, Sardis, BC

We also have an email and a FB group set up (web site coming soon):

chilliwackretro (at) gmail (dot) com


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