G4 cube (was Re: 68K Macs with MacOS 7.5 still in production use...)

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Tue Sep 13 13:13:33 CDT 2016

>> See Also RedHat and CentOS.    No telnet, netstat, etc.
> csh

Possibly.  I find sh more usable than stock csh, though shells are
almost as personal an issue as keyboards or editors.

> though in the modern world I can see why clear text protocols aren't
> shipped out of the box

If you think of telnet, the program, as strictly an interface to
telnet, the remote login protocol, then I can see how you might think
it reasonable to drop it.

But telnet-the-program hasn't been just that for...decades, at the very
least.  Every telnet I can recall, clear back to the days (circa
4.2BSD) when my wetware memory isn't reliable any longer, accepted a
port number and was extremely useful for dealing with any of various
possible networking issues.

To name three real uses I've made of it recently: to check what a
remote sshd banners as, to check what an RFB server banners as, and (in
conjunction with script(1) to capture the output of a one-off server
set up to transfer a text file (this being the use case I had for it on
the Pi 3).

netstat, that's a completely different issue.  There's no "clear text
protocol" issue there.

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