HP-35/45 Simulator for PDP-8

Klemens Krause krause at informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Tue Sep 13 14:55:33 CDT 2016

On Wed, 7 Sep 2016, Kyle Owen wrote:

> Glad some folks got a kick out of it enough to try it out! Feel free to
> suggest improvements where you see fit. I was thinking about adding support
> to read keystrokes from a file for macro programmability...but that might
> be too absurd even for this project. Maybe the HP-41C simulator is next...
> :)

I tried the new version of your program with option

First PAL8 complained about "IFNZER". PAL8 wants "IFNZRO"!
After changing this, assambly was successfull, and I could start the
program on the straight-8. All seemed to be ok, with the exception,
that sine (keyboard I) and roll (keyboard L) do not work with your
new version. These keys are just ignored.
Same behaviour on my 8/E, no difference to the straight-8.

Another issue: your BSWSUB has still the bug, that

the CLL is missing. Without this, the bit 0 on entry of this routine
is inverted, when the link is set on entry.
Remember, the link is not a carry!

Next question: my hp35 has 36 keys. The 36th key is not accessible
for normal users. It's hidden below the "ENTER" key. What does this
key do? If I remember right, it's a kind of debug-key. I believe it
shifts the whole register including exponent and signs digit by digit
to the left.



klemens krause
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