Seeking docs and schematic for Novation CAT modem

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at
Tue Sep 13 14:58:16 CDT 2016

Hi, All,

Good seeing many of you at VCF-midwest.  One of my scores was an
Atari-badged Novation CAT modem.  Digging around for any docs, what
I'm mostly finding is lots of info about Novations Apple II products,
and scant mention with thumbnail pictures of the original CAT acoustic
coupler, that and dozens of sites copying the Wikipedia article.

Anyone have any CAT info?  I can reverse-engineer the schematic, but
if that's already been done, no reason for me to redocument the wheel.
I know it wants a 20VAC 400mA PSU, but I want to check how strict that
is (i.e., 18VAC @ 500mA or 24 VAC @ 350 mA, for example, which may be
easier to find than an unregulated 20VAC PSU).

I would love to play with a CBM 8010 (since I have so many PETs) but I
do happen to have a couple of IEEE-488 to RS-232 devices, which will
work fine with this Atari 830/Novation CAT.


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