G4 cube (was Re: 68K Macs with MacOS 7.5 still in production use...)

Stefan Skoglund (lokal användare) stefan.skoglund at agj.net
Tue Sep 13 17:48:00 CDT 2016

tis 2016-09-13 klockan 19:31 +0200 skrev Liam Proven: 
> On 13 September 2016 at 18:53, Ryan K. Brooks <ryan at hack.net> wrote:
> > See Also RedHat and CentOS.    No telnet, netstat, etc.
> My lack of fannish enthusiasm for the RH family of Linuxes got me
> fired from Red Hat.
> Nonetheless, their willingness to remove old, insecure legacy stuff
> from the OS so that users are encouraged to get with the programme and
> move on to modern modern equivalents -- ssh, the ip command, whatever
> -- is something I strongly approve of, and wish Debian and its kin
> were quicker to imitate.
> Also see merging /bin + /sbin + /usr/bin + /usr/sbin into one and
> other such steps.

I dislike very much the removal of perl from the default install.

The rather temperamental behaviour of anaconda when working with
kickstart files is ... unsatisfying.

So is the behaviour when doing interactive installs against a virtual
machine (vmware server as host), temperamental to say the least. The
trouble was with the geometry of the screen and the selected graphical

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