FDN303 datasheet

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> On 09/13/2016 04:10 PM, Mike Stein wrote:
>> As a matter of fact I am playing with some NEC FD1231T's, trying to
>> modify them for 8" emulation (1.2MB mode); I had read some of the
>> Amiga mod articles and they were a little help although they don't
>> address the speed issue and the DC on pin 2 mod doesn't apply.
> Save yourself some aggravation and just pick up some Samsung SFD-321B
> drives--common as dirt, particularly if you're not fussy about the
> bezel.  Easily modified for 360RPM operation--and even  has READY as
> well as DISK CHANGED outputs.
> --Chuck
Yeah Chuck, that Samsung is definitely one of the easiest to mod for 8" emulation and documentation is actually available; as a matter of fact I think I'm the one who first suggested it to you when you were looking some long time ago since some of us Cromemco users had been using them for a while.

But the bezel layout is a little critical here; the drives have to fit into slimline 1 1/8" x 5 7/8" 5.25" drive bays/adapters like Compaq used in some of their servers and portables (although they're actually going into a Commodore PET), and the NECs are indeed out of a couple of Compaq servers.

I could probably kludge the oval eject button and whatever else needed to make another drive fit, but I wanted to play around with modding other drives for 8" emulation anyway while I was at it.

I think I may have enough to make them work, but thanks for returning the tip ;-)


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