early networking (was Re: G4 cube (was Re: 68K Macs with MacOS 7.5 still in production use...))

Jerry Kemp other at oryx.us
Wed Sep 14 20:30:57 CDT 2016

Banyan Vines - did LOTS of Banyan stuff from the military.  Thousands of end 
users.  Great stuff, but Banyan had no more product marketing skills than IBM 
did with OS/2.  The Banyan NOS stuff ran on top of a SysV Release III Unix if I 
remember correctly.  Its been a while.

ARCnet - saw some of this, not a lot though

ENS StreetTalk - Again from Banyan, IMHO, the first real practical directory 
service.  Even as Banyan Vines (proper) servers were dwindling, we ran 
StreetTalk on top of Solaris boxes.

OS/2 stuff - did more than my fair share of OS/2 stuff.  For file shares 
primarily SMB, but a lot over NFS also.

NFS - really surprised from the OP's comments.  NFS file shares have been the 
"bread-N-butter" of files shares for (me) for over 2 decades

GOSIP - Anyone remember this?  I spent 6 months, 8 hours a day learning 
intricate details about GOSIP in the mid 1990's.  FWIW, this is/was the only 
networking protocol that actually matches up with the OSI 7 layer model.  No, 
TCP/IP doesn't come anywhere close.   Read more here if you are really interested:


IBM System 34 & 36 mini's - got my start here.

I guess we ultimately all have unique experiences.

Unix and (Cisco) core routing and switching has kept a roof over my head since 
the mid 1990's.

I have a number of unique skills that (so far) have kept me employed thru all 
the bad times in the economy, and to provide the leverage to keep employers from 
forcing m$ junk on me.

m$ free since '93

On 09/14/16 10:56 AM, js at cimmeri.com wrote:
> On 9/14/2016 8:50 AM, Liam Proven wrote:
>> On 14 September 2016 at 03:08, Chuck Guzis<cclist at sydex.com>  wrote:
>>> There were networking packages for the PC early on.  Remember Banyan? They
>>> date from 1985. Corvus?  Even Datapoint had an ARCnet facility for PCs in
>>> 1984. Quite a few vendors had 802.3 capability.  Networking, however
>>> disorganized, was a very hot thing by 1987.
>> This is quite interesting in terms of an Europe/NorAm divide.
>> I entered the business in 1988. After 25y in support, working on
>> thousands of systems in half a dozen countries, from 2-man outfits to
>> multi-billion-dollar multinationals, no, I never ever saw any systems
>> whatsoever running:
>> * Banyan VINES
>> * Corvus
>> * ARCnet
>> * LittleBigLAN
>> * The $25 Network
>> (Obviously, I've heard of them.)
>> To this day, I have never once used any form of NFS or ever seen it in use.
>> However, I routinely worked with:
>> * 3Com 3+Share
>> * Sage MainLAN
>> * Personal Netware
>> * Netware Lite
>> * DEC Pathworks
>> Most of these never seem to get mentioned in Stateside comms.
>> Odd.

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