Tips for getting to CHM from SJC airport without a car?

Sam O'nella barythrin at
Thu Sep 15 00:32:32 CDT 2016

A bit off topic other than tips for anyone else trying to travel cheaply. I
have a trip to California in a month although the final destination isn't
San Jose.

I can fly in to SJC and Google is sounding like I might be able to get a
few bus hops from the airport and find my way there? Any tips, tricks or

*(more off-topic below, feel free to stop above for helping anyone venture
around to CHM).
No idea if I'm testing my luck neighborhood wise and debating taking a bus
or train from Mountain view to Pasadena after my free day.

Feel free to email me offline if this is too far from list interest. Mostly
if anyone was to benefit it would be what's the cheapest route to spend a
day at the CHM and then return to the airport again.

- John

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