Linux at 25 [lawyers involvement]

jim stephens jwsmail at
Thu Sep 15 00:33:39 CDT 2016

On 9/14/2016 6:40 PM, Ian S. King wrote:
> >And technology is always better when the lawyers get involved, right?
Linux went a long time with no lawsuits that were legally precedent 
setting.  I thought it interesting that the busybox folks were the first 
ones to raise a fuss.  There has always been a tension with the intent 
of the GPL to force open source and the ways to legally protect works, 
so the lawyers, etc., are there, since there are lots of people wanting 
to take advantage.

Point about Busybox is that I don't know if anyone else has ever, or is 
now watching with an intent to litigate.

People are entitled to ask for their work whatever they like, or do the 
BSD thing and let it essentially go (or Apache, don't know whichever is 
the "free take" license).  Usually disputes arise.

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