Tips for getting to CHM from SJC airport without a car?

Corey Cohen applecorey at
Thu Sep 15 05:14:02 CDT 2016

corey cohen
uǝɥoɔ ʎǝɹoɔ
> On Sep 15, 2016, at 1:32 AM, Sam O'nella <barythrin at> wrote:
> A bit off topic other than tips for anyone else trying to travel cheaply. I
> have a trip to California in a month although the final destination isn't
> San Jose.
> I can fly in to SJC and Google is sounding like I might be able to get a
> few bus hops from the airport and find my way there? Any tips, tricks or
> warnings?
> *(more off-topic below, feel free to stop above for helping anyone venture
> around to CHM).
> No idea if I'm testing my luck neighborhood wise and debating taking a bus
> or train from Mountain view to Pasadena after my free day.
> Feel free to email me offline if this is too far from list interest. Mostly
> if anyone was to benefit it would be what's the cheapest route to spend a
> day at the CHM and then return to the airport again.
> - John

Your better off using Uber or lift.  Taking a bus might eat up all your time at CHM. An uber or lift if it's not rush hour will only take 20 minutes max to CHM.  If you have a little more time and want to save money use Uber pool.  


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