Jay West jwest at
Sun Sep 18 11:17:52 CDT 2016

I just wanted to say a huge thanks to Jason and crew for putting on an
incredible event last weekend. Last year was fantastic, and this year the
bar was raised again in every area.


To my eye, attendance was up this year yet again.

There was plenty of rich toasty mini goodness, including a Prime 5300 and a
Vax 6000 - and a bevy of pdp8 and pdp11 displays.

The touch screen 11/70? Front panel connected to emulation was awesome!

Someone was displaying some of Rod's front panels. incredible work Rod!

The auction had far more goodies this year, including plenty of "big iron"
that I'm sure is getting new blood into the hobby.

The speakers also took things up a notch, I can't wait to see the roster for
next year.

I was pretty focused on Dennis's Prime the whole show, so I didn't get to
really go around to every exhibit. I'm sure I missed some quality displays.

I saw new people actively getting into the hobby, and I noticed quite a few
listmembers and irc #classiccmp peeps that had never been to vcfmw before
showed up this year.

The larger space (and other amenities) over the previous venue were fully
used. We may need even more space next year.


It was an incredible show, of course I will be there next year, and hats off
to Jason for all the hard work he put in to making it a success.





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