Jason T silent700 at
Mon Sep 19 14:20:34 CDT 2016

On Sun, Sep 18, 2016 at 11:17 AM, Jay West <jwest at> wrote:
> I just wanted to say a huge thanks to Jason and crew for putting on an
> incredible event last weekend. Last year was fantastic, and this year the
> bar was raised again in every area.

Thanks, Jay, for the kind words and getting this topic started.  I go
into a mini-hibernation/decompression after the show's over and have
been lax in posting follow-up info.  We do have quite a few picture
galleries and walk-through videos coming in, which I have posted here:

Unfortunately, a few of them are Facebook galleries that aren't set to
"Public" permissions, so those not on FB can't see them.  I need to
remind the posters to fix that.

The brief wrap-up is that the show went great, attendance was up, the
place was packed, we weathered losing an entire 900sqft room three
days before the show started (won't let _that_ happen again...) and
everyone got along fine in the closer quarters.  The speakers really
classed up the place with some hearty academic topics and a real live
Commodore engineer (C= fanboys rejoiced!)  We had a dedicated A/V guy
(not on this list but thanks Jim!) with a quality camera and audio
setup and YouTube videos of all the talks are being rendered as I
write this.  We should see them arriving on the VCFMW channel over the
next week:

There are a few shirts left, but only in sizes S/M/L.  I'll post
counts for those soon.

I agree with Jay, the cross-platform interaction and general
camaraderie of this year's show really stood out.  It was great to see
new faces and old mixing it up, talking shop, trading gear and making
plans.  That's what it's all about.

Big thanks to everyone who contributed, attended, presented, got the
word out and generally encouraged us to keep this thing going.  The
handshakes (minus the one I caught this cold from...Purell at the
table next year) and thanks make it worthwhile.


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